Conférence de l European Family Therapy Association

Workshop du cabinet Psysteme avec pour thème: “Comment utiliser le conflit en psychothérapie “

How to use conflict in psychotherapy

Laure Martin, Michèle Wirion, Sebastien Dawant, Jean-Bernard Lievens

Psychotherapist in private practice, Luxembourg

Conflict is often uncomfortable and a majority of people try to avoid it, to put out the fire. We see in the terrible Russian-Ukrainian conflict how much this affects a very large part of us. We also find conflict in our psychotherapies, whether we want it or not. Rather than suffering it, avoiding it or wanting to extinguish it, we propose ways of thinking about how to use it. Because this formidable source of energy can produce a change within the therapeutic relationship. This can serve as an experiential model for the patient to learn how to use it differently in his or her various spheres of life. 

After revisiting certain theoretical concepts, we will propose that participants experience a conflict situation in therapy and learn to use it as a resource.

It is our great pleasure to announce the 11th Conference of the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) 2022, to be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia from Wednesday 7 to Saturday 10 September, 2022.


Systemic resonances and interferences in a (post) pandemic, climate change and migration context in Europe

Change of relationships:
The development of (family) relationships in the 21st century is characterized by diversifications of (family) forms, structures, and life cycles and, also, by socio-economic divergences and polarizations. Read more

Change of tools, practices, and procedures:
As Peter Fonagy once stated: the new conflicts in counselling and therapy will no longer unfold between different psychotherapy schools – but between online and offline formats. Read more

Change of requests:
Yes, times have changed and the requests of clients as well. Read more

Change of context:
We are not working any more within the security of the four walls of our office. Read more


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